Telliris Attend Interactive Demo:

For an interactive experience, use the demonstration line, enter the partner code and use the data below.

DEMO LINE: 203-924-7000 x5000

Employee ID'sClock CodesJob NumbersDepartment NumbersAbsence CodesAccount CodesStore Codes
000011 Clock in44441111111 Sick17
000022 Call back55552222222 Vacation28
000033 Meal out66663333333 Float holiday3
000044 Meal in4 Jury duty
000055 Job float5 Bereavement
6 Non clock6 Family illness
9 Clock out

Audio Clips:

The audio clips are in most instances recordings of actual users performing the task at hand. As a result, there are multiple audio clips for a task. Often one will be an instance where the user types ahead and another where they take their time performing the task. Several show variations on a theme, such as in the area of labor data entry.

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